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Speech Link and Language Link are designed to provide practical products and support to the whole of a child's workforce.

Read on as we look to answer and address a TA's questions and needs, including:

How to manage your time and expertise.

How to gain knowledge on the packages.

How to get any support that you need.

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What packages are available to your school?

The most popular of all our products, Infant Language Link is a key tool in early identification of children's language needs. Our standardised assessment can be used to screen all Reception children. With instant results, you will be able to immediately identify any language needs and implement tailored interventions. The package provides all strategies, language group plans and resources that you need, as well as reports at the click of a button. Read More
Junior Language Link can be used as a follow on from Infant Language Link or as a stand-alone language product. Following the use of our online standardised assessment with a child, you will receive instant results and tailored intervention plans to target help where it is needed. All the resources, plans, strategies, progress measures and reports you need are provided, equipping you to address the SLCN needs of your children. Read More
If you have a child in any of your Key Stage 1 classes who appears to have a speech sound difficulty, then you can use our assessment to highlight their areas of need and conduct interventions accordingly. The assessment will tell you which speech sound errors need to be addressed at the child's current age and which of those to work on first. All of the resources, plans, progression measures and classroom strategies are instantly downloadable. Read More
Secondary Language Link acts as a Year 7 screening tool, aiming to target communication support where it is needed. Both the interactive assessment and the content-rich intervention programme, 'Talk Fitness' engage young people and reflect the typical language of their educational and social environment. This package also includes SEND CPD training for the school team in the form of two online, on-demand training sessions. Read More

A TA Asks...

How can I maximise my time and expertise?

Thanks in particular to our new webinars, our packages enable you to deliver high-quality one-to-one and small group support using structured interventions. We know that finding time can be a struggle, so we optimise your time by minimising planning and providing all the intervention plans, strategies and hundreds of resources. 

Our new and improved online portal also makes organisation and progress reporting really quick and easy. 

Online webinars

Intervention plans and resources provided and instantly downloadable

Time effective organisation and progress records

How will I know how to use the package?

Here at Speech Link Multimedia, we are passionate about equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to deliver speech and language intervention. 

Our updated online portal means that the organisational process is much simpler and more intuitive, but should you get stuck we also provide walk-throughs and guides to using the website. When it comes to conducting assessments and interventions with confidence, we have brand new webinars which will each focus on a different aspect of the process. 

We also conduct regular Primary Package Update training sessions, so you are kept up to date with any changes to the product you use, and other training courses which can be booked additionally.

What if I get stuck and need help?

When using our packages, you are never alone! Whatever it is you need- whether you have questions about the packages or are a user experiencing problems- we are on the other end of the line for you.

We have a team of Help Desk Staff- Maz, Annette, Claire, Judith and Vicki- who are always happy to assist you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are in the office Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm.

0333 577 0784

[email protected]

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Just for you, TA!

A few freebies for use in your groups:

Why not try using our Discussion Skills Poster to teach children these skills, and reward them with Discussion Tokens which they can take back into class to show the teacher what they have achieved. 

Try out our handy Topic Vocabularly Tracker!

Have a fun learning session with our Semantic Dominoes, complete with instructions.

Is there any relevant training available?

How To Run Effective Language Groups

Learn how to support the development of children's language skills in mainstream settings, with particular reference to using Language Groups. 

Sounds Fun: Supporting Children with Delayed Speech

Study speech sound development and learn how to work through a 7 step speech sound programme in a fun way.

See all training options and dates

I want to know more about working with speech and language.

Read our Blog, and check out our specific TA posts.

Read The Link magazine (posted to your SENCo) – the school magazine created by the speech and language specialists.

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