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Speech Link and Language Link are designed to provide practical products and support to the whole of a child's workforce.

Read on as we look to answer and address a Teacher's needs and questions, including:

How to manage the time and expertise of your TA.

How to support interventions in your whole class teaching.

How to ensure that children are making effective progress.

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What packages are available to your school?

The most popular of all our products, Infant Language Link is a key tool in early identification of children's language needs. Our standardised assessment can be used to screen all Reception children. With instant results, you will be able to immediately identify any language needs and implement tailored interventions. The package provides all strategies, language group plans and resources that you need, as well as reports at the click of a button. Read More
Junior Language Link can be used as a follow on from Infant Language Link or as a stand-alone language product. Following the use of our online standardised assessment with a child, you will receive instant results and tailored intervention plans to target help where it is needed. All the resources, plans, strategies, progress measures and reports you need are provided, equipping you to address the SLCN needs of your children. Read More
If you have a child in any of your Key Stage 1 classes who appears to have a speech sound difficulty, then you can use our assessment to highlight their areas of need and conduct interventions accordingly. The assessment will tell you which speech sound errors need to be addressed at the child's current age and which of those to work on first. All of the resources, plans, progression measures and classroom strategies are instantly downloadable. Read More
Secondary Language Link acts as a Year 7 screening tool, aiming to target communication support where it is needed. Both the interactive assessment and the content-rich intervention programme, 'Talk Fitness' engage young people and reflect the typical language of their educational and social environment. This package also includes SEND CPD training for the school team in the form of two online, on-demand training sessions. Read More

A Teacher asks...

How can I manage the time and expertise of my Learning Support Team?

Thanks in particular to our new webinars, our packages enable TAs to deliver high-quality one-to-one and small group support using structured interventions. We also optimise the time that your TA spends working with SLCN children in the classroom by minimising planning time and providing all the intervention plans, strategies and hundreds of resources. 

Our new and improved online portal also makes organisation and progress reporting really quick and easy. 

Learning Support team benefit from online webinars

Intervention plans and resources provided and instantly downloadable

Time effective organisation and progress records

How can I incorporate interventions into my whole class teaching?

Classroom life is so busy, and we have recieved feedback that sometimes as a classroom teacher you can be left in the dark as to what is happening in the intervention groups. That's why we have now introduced a teacher summary for each session, which your TA can print and hand to you in order to keep you informed of each session's content. This means that you are able to help children transfer their skills into thewider context of the classroom. 

The packages all also include high quality teaching strategies which you can use daily to aid and consolidate children's speech and langauge progress across the whole class.

High quality teaching strategies

Regular session summaries for class teachers

How can I make sure children are making effective progress?

Using a simple system, the TA marks each intervention session as effective, partially effective or not effective. You can log into the online portal at any point to see how a child is getting on. Once a group is complete, the system will calculate the overall effectiveness of the intervention and recommend supplementary teaching if necessary, the effectivenes of which is recorded in a similar fashion. Our brand new progress measures add a further, holistic approach to child's progress, asking for teacher, parent and pupil views both at the beginning and end of the year. A comparison of these views is a real insight into a chld's progress.

By logging into your portal, you will be able to see all of this data at a glance, including assessment marks and intervention progress, and generate reports at the click of a button.

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Just for you, Teacher!

Some lovely, free resources for you to use!

Really engage the expertise of your TA with our Teacher Guidance for TA form.

Help children set talking targets with our Pupil Voice sheet.

Be inspired by our PE Task Management PDF, and see if you think this style of instruction could benefit any of your children.

Enjoy a lovely Friday afternoon completing The Rhymers Education Pack, the children will love it!

Is there any relevant training available?

Primary School Package Updates

Learn everything you need to know about using our package, helping you to maximise results and make full use of all the services.

Sounds Fun: Supporting Children with Delayed Speech

Study speech sound development and learn how to work through a 7 step speech sound programme in a fun way.

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I want to know more about working with speech and language children.

Read our Blog, and check out our specific Teacher posts.

Read The Link magazine (posted to your SENCo) – the school magazine created by the speech and language specialists.

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